Say No to Tobacco

No to Tobacco. Yes to Life!

“Smoking kills”. “Consumption of tobacco is injurious to health” – A statutory warning we see everywhere. Every time …

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House Keeping Service

Skills Academy’s newly launched course – Housekeeping service

The Ponty Chadha Foundation works in an array of directions to bring a revolutionary change in the overall …

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heath camps in the village of Wave city and Ikla village

Health Camp – Ponty Chadha Foundation

As a socially responsible organisation, with the aim to meet the needs of the backward section of the …

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World Heritage Day – Do Your Bit

Do you know the fact that according to UNESCO, a monument can only be included in the World …

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Let’s Create a Happier World Together

Our world is filled with terrible things. In many parts, people fight deadly diseases every day. Elsewhere, they …

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