#WorldOceansDay : High Time to Change the Tide

World Ocean Day



World Oceans Day is observed every year on the 8th of June to celebrate the great oceans that bind the world together. A commemoration of togetherness, it also calls for cohesive support to raise awareness about ocean conservation and protection.
Life as we know it is cyclical. Birth, growth, death, restart – it is the way of the world. This stands true for miniscule beings and multicellular objects alike, even air and water keep circulating Earth in a similar fashion. While there are several religious, philosophical, scientific and other theories that explain this cycle in different ways, the concept always remains the same.
In its self-absorbed denial, however, humankind has somehow messed up this cycle.
How, you ask?
By refusing to eliminate the one thing that cannot follow this cyclical pattern – PLASTIC.
Unfortunately, 8 million tons out of these 300 end up in our oceans. We have come to a stage where the need for all of us to unite in protecting our ecosystem is more crucial than ever. Functioning at various levels and parameters, the consequences of plastic pollution are widespread. Not only is it a major threat to 1.4 million marine species, it is equally dangerous for the 3.5 billion people that depend on oceans for their primary source of food.
Not only is plastic pollution gradually fading out marine life, it is also choking the lungs of the earth. For instance, the amount of oxygen released by our oceans decreases by 0.3% every year. Saving them is the need of the hour.
Let’s come together and pledge to ‘refuse what can’t be reused’. The ball is in our court, let’s vouch to make changes wherever and whenever we can. And it all starts with rejecting the use of plastic.

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