Curing Autism With Love

The Wave Group Plays the Key Role

Special School for Autism in Delhi

Autism is a type of spectrum disorder that develops in a human right from the childhood and its treatment is best effective when detected early. Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is one such institution in India where rehabilitation of more than 1000 specially-abled children is undertaken. Based in Noida, this is a part of the Ponty Chadha Foundation under the philanthropic wing of the Wave Group.  As its corporate social responsibility, the group trains the autistic children to develop social skills so that they can mingle with the society in a positive way. It is a complete charitable organization that has a dedicated team of administrators, teachers, trainers and other associated people who are dedicated to take care of these children.

The right kind of intervention and the right time for intervention helps guardians gain ample strength and patience to deal with the situation. Behavioral treatments are incorporated with medicinal actions that are tailor made to suit the specific needs of an autistic child.  With age, these support and intervention changes according to the rate of development in them. It is crucial to understand the problem of the autistic child. Therapy is an important part of handling autism. Different symptoms occur among different types of autistic children and their response to the environment might become negative or positive.  

Special education is imparted to the children in order to develop independence among these kids. Daily living skills in community and classroom-based settings are provided so that they learn to cope up with real life situations in a better way. Each child is assessed differently as per his or her symptoms and the team of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan further provides specialized treatment accordingly. 

Involving the parents is an important part of this initiative. The professionals are highly trained in this field and know the correct method of handling these children. Vocational training is also given in order to make them realize their self-worth. The main motto of helping these special children with the multidisciplinary methodology of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan makes it stand on a higher pedestal.     

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