International Deaf Week celebrations at MBCN

International Deaf Week celebrations at MBCN

International Deaf Week Celebrations at MBCNThis week Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan celebrated International Week of the Deaf.
Students participated in a variety of programmes with full enthusiasm. The programme included children expressing their views, a talent show, a quiz show and lastly a jam session.
Children who were hearing impaired shared their experience at the school. One kid said, “I went to a government school initially where teachers only concentrated on writing. I was very scared. But when he came to MBCN things changed for him.” All the children shared a common sentiment that they were extremely happy at the school and they loved their teachers.
In the talent show, parents of the children were given a line which they had to explain to the kid. Some children understood the sign language others followed lip reading. Most of the mothers were able to explain the given lines properly to their kids, which showed that they interacted well with their kids.
Then in the quiz show took place, where four rounds took place – words, movies, sign language and last picture round.
Concluding the programme, Dr. Vandana Sharma, Director, Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan said, “We should celebrate Deaf Week as an opportunity to spread awareness regarding this and should work towards negating myths regarding this disability.”

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