The Ponty Chadha Foundation Towards A Healthy Nation

The Ponty Chadha Foundation Towards A Healthy Nation

Health Camp in Rural Areas by PCF

To quote Mahatma Gandhi, ‘It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.’ While we are celebrating our 69th Independence this year, we still are struggling to abide by his words. Health, though, a key element for the country’s economic prosperity, global voice and human rights, it is actually the most neglected one, particularly for the deprived classes. Injustice and discrepancies in health care amenities are appalling and hence, call for prompt diagnosis, treatment and prevention to abate the fatality ratio.
With India owing a major section of its population to the rural community, it becomes all the more important to outstretch wellness programs to the people who entail it the most. For them, the battle for endurance begins right from birth and persists life long. Further, the indigent socio-economic background and wretched environmental conditions in the rural areas make their strife for survival heart-rending.
In response to such distressing health care scenario and perceiving the need for comprehensive health facilities, The Ponty Chadha Foundation continues its altruistic efforts towards a healthy nation. In alliance with the Indo German Hospital, it particularly works for improving health standards for the underprivileged class. Be it malnutrition problems, gynecological impairments, respiratory disorders, chronic diseases, gastrointestinal ailments or infections, timely access to medical assistance can be a savior.
The Foundation actively structures health camps at specific intervals in remote villages in India. Together with free diagnosis and check-up, fundamental drug and nutrition adjuncts are provided. Referral services with regard to the severity in patient’s health parameters are also offered. Immunization and awareness agenda are addressed to ensure preventive measures and hygiene issues. These rural clinics are under constant supervision of specialized doctors and medical staffs.

Free Health Camps at Regular Intervals
After successful completion of the health care programs at four villages in Ghaziabad in the month of July – Duryai, Raghunathpur, Usmangari, Dasna and Chhidoli, The Ponty Chadha Foundation has already commenced its schedule for August:
• 5/8/15- Dinnanthpur
• 12/8/15- Khichra
• 19/8/15- Pipalheda
• 26/8/15- Inayatpur

Expert consultation from Dr. Jyoti Chopra, MBBS (CEO at Dr Ram Saran Garg Indo German Hospital) and Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (R.M.O of Indo German Hospital) is rendered each time. Therefore, The Foundation persistently sets up a ladder in an attempt to contribute towards a healthy living for all.

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