10 Reasons to Write Your Dream Book

You know what Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Tony Morrison and many more had in common? They were all prolific writers who wrote some of the most beloved novels of all time, such as ‘A Room of One’s Own’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

Write Dream Book


Here are the 10 reasons why you should stop procrastinating, grab a pen and paper, and just get on with your writing:

  1. It is not compulsory that you write to please others, sometimes simply writing what you feel can get you way ahead. Be as open and relentless as you want to. Jotting down your feelings can help you release unwanted stress, which you probably are not able to share with anyone.
  1. When you write, your brain runs amok in different directions to find the things you’d love to write about. This helps in the development of creativity. Writing helps retain the essence and intricacies of an incident, or a piece of information by assimilating and consolidating your knowledge, which you otherwise might forget in future.
  1. A clear thought process, which can be achieved by writing will help you in making better and sound decisions. Writing it down will make you question yourself multiple times and provide you the sense of clarity you need to make the right life choices.
  1. It is not necessary that you write a book which has to be published offline or online, you can write it just to share your feelings. Treat your diary as a person and talk to it, you’ll surely feel safer and non judgemental.
  1. Research says that writing about a tough moment helps one get over it faster than anything else. After all, not everyone is comfortable in sharing their personal problems with their friends.
  1. Did you know that completing a book can help boost your self confidence a great deal, even if no one has read it yet? Just the fact that you devoted your time to such a project and finished it can make you realise that you’re capable of pulling off a seemingly impossible feat.
  1. Writing as an act of sharing is the best way to put yourself out there. You can start with little anecdotes from your life, or some words of wisdom you’re willing to share with the world.
  1. The research you do for a book will stay with you for a lifetime. You can use this material in your books in hundreds of ways, which will all help you in writing more.
  1. Writing a book is not a walk in the park, it demands utmost dedication. It not only teaches you discipline, but also enhances your credibility. So, start today and thank us later, once you’re truly happy with your creation after multiple drafts and editing sessions.
  1. Irrespective of all the negative aspects, write because it’s your passion and this passion gets fairly paid in the market as well.

Above all, don’t write for just these 10 reasons, but for your own satisfaction. Write your hearts out and encourage others to write as well.

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