Let’s Create a Happier World Together

Let’s Create a Happier World Together


Our world is filled with terrible things. In many parts, people fight deadly diseases every day. Elsewhere, they fight even deadlier people. Yet there exists a special place in our heart that holds on to happiness for dear life, reminding us how beautiful our world can be.

If one looks close enough, he or she can find happiness all around – in the smile of an infant, in the calm of the sea, in the winds of winter, in the eyes of a spouse-to-be. Look around and smile from ear to ear, be kind and unlock the doors of perpetual happiness.

To honour this International Day of Happiness, pause for a moment, take out a minute from your busy life and read through these hand picked quotes to make today and every day that follows a bit happier and a bit more joyful.

post3 (1)Smile – it’s free! 

post4 (1)Happiness is only real when shared.

post5 (1)

It’s good to be happy! 

post6 (1)

Let loose, let it go!  

post7 (1)


That’s the thing about happiness, it grows upon sharing.

Here’s to the little ounce of happiness we still have in our hearts…
Share this with someone you hold dear, and show them that “I am #HappyForYou.”


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