Learning the MBCN Way: Insights and Growth Stories

Learning the MBCN Way: Insights and Growth Stories

Final‘Out of difficulties grow miracles.’

And we invite you to a place full of numerous such miracles. Welcome to Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), where, every student with special needs is dealt with support, patience, care and love.People will figure this unique support system the moment they enter MBCN which is uniquely structured for the convenience and growth of differently abled kids.

It has slopes instead of stairs, and brightly patterned paths in place of usual white tiles to enable smooth movement across the floors designated for various therapies and classes. Its academic wing divided into junior and senior groupis especially designed to focus individual disabilities with utmost attention.The school also has pre-vocational and vocational wings to educate students and make them independent in the long run.

Play Methods

Education starts the day we enter school. Drawing inference from this premise, the Play method has been infused into Abacus to teach numbers and simple mathematical calculations to kids. This is because younger children like playing and should be taught in an interesting manner to make learning fun. In Abacus, rods of different shapes with beads attached in bright colours are used to relieve the younger minds of all stress with constructive playful learning.

Another Play method is applied to teach colour recognition and eye-hand coordination to the special kids. Generally, kids perform such activities in pairs or groups to improve their fine motor function and socialisation skills.We believe, whatever the conditions be, one must in still hope in all to improve and grow. Recently, a severely physically challenged boy, Krishna was admitted in the junior group of MBCN. Despite being a rare case, the kid gained control over time, and is able to express his feelings through playing with balloons.It is helping him strengthen his reflex action.

Growth Tales

Archithas cerebral palsy but he tries to finish the food on his plate all by himself, which is a commendable development on his part. Guddu is another child with cerebral palsy. He enjoys music, dance and loves to be a part of Bal Sabha. Every Friday, Bal Sabha is organised where different groups of students assemble to pray and exercise together, recite and listen rhymes, dance and share their thoughts.

Suhasi belongs to the cerebral palsy group of juniors. Now, she is using a seating arrangement substitute which has been adapted for severe cases whose lower and upper limbs are affected. Her portable seat can be used on a wheelchair to prevent her from falling down. Suyash is an autistic child who follows instructions to enjoy skating. Sachin has cerebral palsy with verbal limitation and restricted physical movement. He is habitual of putting fingers in his mouth, which is being rectified with the use of Soft Hand Braces on both his hands for some time.

All these are potential examples of how individual care is specifically designed and delivered to fit in the basic needs of every differently child at MBCN.

Educating Through Therapies

At MBCN, you may also find ‘hearing impaired students’ express themselves through the art of painting.Then, students improve their balance and posture as well as strengthen their back, abdominal and core muscles with the use of Therapy Ball.For kids with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), it improves legible word productivity and behaviour. After performing the therapy ball activity, children are able to focus, sit still and be attentive.

Here, teachers also use ‘platform swing’ to trigger vestibular stimulations while evading fear from a child’s mind and engaging him or her in activity for postural management. The differently-abled students learn the colour concept by running and picking up similar colour conical objects. This enhances the physical strength and can be used for low-vision students by replacing cones with bright coloured things.

In life, learning and growth are keys to an empowered self and we at MBCN are facilitators in the overall process that always has room for improvement.This is the philosophy of life; this is the training you get here.


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