Is skills training the means to uplift the rural youth of India?

“How would you like your children to be when they grow up?” That’s a question the rural community of our country dreads answering. For many underprivileged Indian children, education is a luxury they can’t afford. What will it take for the marginalised community of our country to have the same set of opportunities as the privileged urban-born?

uplift the rural youth of India

India is a country with a surplus labour force, but the job opportunities created for them are too few and far in between. Our rural youth, albeit energetic and enthusiastic, is deprived of avenues that can help put their energy to good use. There is an immediate need to restructure our system in a way that provides our next-generation rural youth the same opportunities as the urban privileged.This is where NGOs and the government should step in to help.

It’s heartening to see that our government, through campaigns like ‘Skill India’, is aiming to train over 40 crore people in India by 2022. This campaign is a great initiative to make the Indian youth employable through various programmes. By making training and skills development available to people, be it in the form of short courses or workplace training, the government is helping people upskill themselves and escape poverty. Initiatives like these would give our nation a more skilled workforce, one which can innovate and bring new ideas to combat the challenges we face and strengthen the economy. By helping the unskilled, we can open many doors for them and India.

Sardar Kulwant Singh Chadha Skills Academy, a CSR initiative of Ponty Chadha Foundation bridges the gap between skilled and unskilled labour, and helps create better employment opportunities for all. It is an endeavour to train candidates, hone their potential and provide them skill training and employment in security services, facilities management and hospitality training.

Now more than ever, our country needs plenty of such initiatives to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities in all walks of life.

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