uplift the rural youth of India
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Is skills training the means to uplift the rural youth of India?

“How would you like your children to be when they grow up?” That’s a question the rural community …

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Skills Training

How Skills Training Is Turning the Wheel of Fortune for India’s Marginalized Youth

India has the highest population of youth in the world, which can be seen as both an opportunity …

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Upskilling the Indian Youth for a Better Future

“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, …

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International Youth Day: Role of Youth in Making India Free from Social Evils

“History has always been shaped by the power of the youth.” – Daisaku Ikeda If you dig deeper …

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World Youth Skills Day: Importance of Skills Training

Every year, World Youth Skills Day is observed globally on July 15 to inform and enlighten people about …

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