Health Camp in Village Khichra Ghaziabad

Free Health Check-up in  Khichra villageSunheri Begum, a young women and a mother of three from the village Khichra in Ghaziabad came for a health check up organized by The Ponty Chadha Foundation held on 20th May’2015. As a typical Muslim household, all the sons live with their spouses in the same house. They have a small shop in the village through which they earn their living. When asked if she works for extra income, she said that there are a lot of restrictions for a woman in her family.


She had come for a check-up of her two sons aged 5 and 7 years. One was suffering from fever for a prolonged period and the other one had some skin related issues. On diagnosis, it was found that the fever was due to severe congestion in the chest and the other son had patches on the skin which was due to some allergy. Medicines were provided for a three-day course and it was advised that the antibiotics should be taken for a week for best results. Since this is the third time The Ponty Chadha Foundation is organizing a health camp in this village, there were many people who had come for the camp the second or the third time. This woman had visited the camp the last time for her own diagnosis. She said that our camp at the doorstep has been really fruitful as people in the village tend to neglect health issues.