Health Camp in Village Mehraulli Ghaziabad

HealthCheckup Camp in Mehrauli villag in GhaziabadHarveen Kumari, a middle aged woman from a poor background of Village Mehrauli in Ghaziabad came for health check up organized by The Ponty Chadha Foundation held on 27th Aug’14. She lives in a joint family and has a house nearby. Her husband is in the business of supplying books in nearby stores. And she is a maid servant, she works in 10 to 12 houses daily in the vicinity. She has three children of nine, twelve and fourteen years of age. They are all enrolled in the local government school. She had come for a checkup as she had pain in her legs and arms and also faced vision problems. When asked she said that she has not gone to any hospital for a checkup before for the problems she had been facing. After the doctor’s diagnosis, it was found that she had cataract for which she needed a surgery to be done as soon as possible. Also she had Arthralgia( Joint Pain) for which she was prescribed with medicines. She said that she would be going to the hospital for further treatment required and our camp at the doorstep has been a real help for her immediate diagnosis.