Health Camp in Village of Kachera

Health Check-up Camp in Kachera village On a hot sultry afternoon in the village of Kachera a woman in her mid 50’s named Urmila Sunda came along with her grandson named Himanshu for health check up organized by The Ponty Chadha Foundation on 17th Sep’14. She was a little hesitant when asked about her family and the medical reason she had visited the camp for. On probing her, she said that her son had died due to some serious ailment and she and her daughter-in law takes care of the grandson. Now the daughter-in law does tailoring work in a nearby shop. Urmila takes care of her grandson during the day and also does the household chores.


Then on asking about why she had visited the camp she said they had both come for skin related problems. She had patches on her legs and arms which were also itchy and therefore she faced problems in carrying out her routine work. Also her grandson had itching on his head and body. Then she went inside along with her grandson for check up. On following up with the doctor it was found she had fungal infection in her skin. She was given medicines and ointments for the same. Her grandson also had some skin infection for which medicines were provided. She said that she had gone for check up’s for the same problem to the hospital nearby but the itching resumed. She hopes it will not persist again after the medicine given at the health camp.