International Day for People with Disabilities

MBCN's differently abled heroes

A day well spent with MBCN's differently abled heroes


On the occasion of ‘International Day for People with Disabilities’, students of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan organized an Awareness Campaign in Noida and Delhi-NCR. Specially-abled children from MBCN pinned Blue and Orange colored twibbon on the clothes of people who they met in Malls, Schools, Corporates and other public places.


The Blue and Orange Twibbon holds a special significance.


The color blue symbolizes support for the dignity, rights and well-being of people with disability and the orange symbolizes the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life.


Children from MBCN themselves reached out to people to create awareness in the society and let general public understand their ‘right to live with dignity’ and exercise their full rights in social life, and this is the mantra how we can all dismiss disability.Because, it is said, that:


Differently abled people do not lack the inner fullness. For God dwells in them as much as in anyone else.


The aim of this drive was to aware the people about the lives of differently abled children, their day- to-day life, things they do, how do they communicate through sign language and all their special abilities. The important thing was to change the perceptions and attitudinal barriers among the people who think that that there is a difference between them and special children.


We, from Wave Group, participated with children, chatted with them, took selfies with them and shared our joy. This activity was full of energy and enthusiasm; everybody present at site felt the oneness and belongingness with these kids and we did lots of other activities which made the kids feel special and made them close to our hearts.


Activities we participated in:


Took Selfies and shared on social media platform to spread awareness among people:


We had planned to take photographs and selfies with differently abled children and share them on FaceBook, Whatsapp and Twitter, so that people in our circle also become sentient toward these children and understand them.


Shared chocolates and sweets-shared love:


As a reflection of love and care, we shared chocolates and sweets with them to make them feel special and loved.


Asked people to join us:


As we were at public places (Malls, schools and offices) people standing around us were unaware and even curious to know what we were doing, we explained our motto and asked them to join us in what we can also call a ‘Social Assistance’.


Shared out thoughts with media persons:


Media teams were covering the whole event at Wave Mall, Sector-18, Noida. They took our bites and gave us the chance to share our thoughts so that people from every walk of life understand the love and guardianship they (differently abled children) need.


Dismissed disability:


In one voice, we all dismissed disability and we dismissed all the stigmas associated with phiz of disability.Not all disabilities are visible.


Photographs of the event:


 1. Genesis Global school




 2. WAVE Corporate office




 3. Somerville school




 4. Amity University




 5. Express Trade Tower




 6. Seven Promises company




 7. JBM school




 8. WAVE Mall – Noida




 9. GIP Mall – Noida




 10. Select City Walk, New Delhi