Myths about Down Syndrome

Myths about Down Syndrome

Child with Down SyndromeAt least once in our lives we’ve seen, heard or talked about Down syndrome. An ailment so common yet we have little or no information about it. Going the norm ‘Half knowledge is dangerous’ we would want to clear the air and shed some light on Down syndrome and associated myths.

  • Down Syndrome is rare disorder

Well, 400,000 people in America have Down Syndrome and 6,000 babies with Down Syndrome are born each year in the United States. A disorder affecting pretty huge population doesn’t qualify as rare for sure. It may not be as common as AIDS or Tuberculosis but it is definitely in alarming numbers.

  • People with Down Syndrome are born to older mums

Maximum number of children with Down Syndrome are born to mothers younger than 35 years just because young women have more babies.

  • Children with Down Syndrome are always sick

This has been the most talked about myth. Children with Down syndrome are more prone to health issues but they aren’t ALWAYS sick.

  • Down Syndrome is hereditary

Down Syndrome isn’t a communicable or a hereditary disorder. It can affect anyone for any random reason except for Translocation which accounts for only 3-4% of all cases of Down Syndrome. Out of the small number only 1% cases are hereditary.

  • People with Down Syndrome lead unhappy lives

It is perceived that people with Down Syndrome live rather bland lives and are not supported by the community as well. People with Down Syndrome lead pretty much the same lives as their peers. While some choose to get married, others simply rejoice by chatting around and finding their passions.

  • Children with Down Syndrome are burden on their families

With timely intervention and good health care, children with Down Syndrome lead increasingly independent lives. They are in no way burden for their families rather they spread positivity around.

  • People with Down Syndrome don’t live past their 20s

The life expectancy for children with Down Syndrome may have been severely low in the 90s but with expert medical help and community support the age number has improved. Now, a person with Down Syndrome lives up to 60 years in the United States.

People with Down Syndrome are no inferior to their peers or anyone else. They can live life on their own terms peacefully. All they need is a supporting hand. Will you be one?

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