Looking at the Bright Side of Life

Looking at the Bright Side of Life

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The world is full of people who’ve achieved the unthinkable by beating all odds. Looking at the bright side of life, they have inspired thousands to dream on and punch above their weight.

In a world that isn’t very kind to even an able-bodied person trying to achieve their dreams, one can only imagine what a specially abled person might have to go through. When faced with such cynicism, finding a silver living and egging on is all one can really do.

Learn the lesson with these incredible stories of people who didn’t let disability dictate their life.


“God can use a life without limbs to show the world how to live a life without limits!”

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. Despite the many challenges this created for him growing up, he was able to overcome them all. A motivational speaker, best-selling author, Christian evangelist and leader of a nonprofit organisation named Life Without Limbs, he credits his family’s love, his faith in God and his positive attitude for his success.

Nick Vujicic

He’s been an inspiration to many around the world, encouraging people to overcome their problems and follow their dreams.


“It’s pretty sweet to be able to help people look at their wheelchair as something besides just a medical device. It can actually be something really fun.”

Aaron Fotheringham

From the moment he entered the world, Aaron Fotheringham, known popularly as Wheelz, has taken a completely different path than what was expected of him.


“When I was a child, I used to play cricket, football, and badminton with normal children. My disability was not in my mind.”

Girish Sharma


“I think the greatest blessing and gift in life is the ability to see the light, opportunity and challenge in adversity.”

Preethi Srinivasan

Preethi Srinivasan was involved in a life-altering accident that left her paralysed from the neck down. While still recovering from the trauma, she set up Soulfree, a rehabilitation centre where the specially abled could live permanently and find strength, hope and a sense of community. With vocational trainings for the specially abled, the organisation aims in providing an active and productive life to everyone.


The youngest kung-fu instructor in India, Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan student Kartik Verma is a champion in karate, taekwondo, dancing and sports. He has turned his weaknesses into strengths, surpassing the expectations of many along the way. Kartik is determined and strong, and we are extremely proud of him.

Kartik Verma

He lost his hearing abilities but did not lose his hopes and dreams to reach the heights.


Jatin KanojiaJatin Kanojia is a 25-year-old boy from Ghazipur with cerebral palsy, but he hasn’t let his disability define him. Jatin worked hard as a child, completed his education and joined the Wave Group in 2016 as a computer operator. Despite the odds working against him, Jatin has remained focused towards building a career.

If we look intently, we’ll find plenty of people around us who’ll make us want to do more. Inspirations for everyone, these achievers prove to us that nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. Time and again, they overcome near-impossible obstacles to show us just how much can be accomplished despite limitations.

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