‘Take One Day at a Time’ Stress Management for Parents of Special Kids

‘Take One Day at a Time’ Stress Management for Parents of Special Kids


Every Parent perceive their children as their own second chance, a reflection and extension of one’s very being. But what happens when these dreams are marred by their child’s disability? Parenting a child with special needs is not an easy job. Such parents experience stress, worry, panic & also guilt on an everyday basis. A child’s disability changes a lot of things in a parents life – from their social life to their marital harmony, stress and depression can take a disturbing toll on their overall well-being.

Proper care for the special kids can only be achieved with proper care of their parents. A happy parent is more likely to understand, adapt and implement regimes that can help them as well as the kid. Here we discuss, few tips on how to cope with stress and depression for parents of the special kids.

You aren’t perfect—and that’s ok!

If your well-meaning friends and professionals have told you, that you have not worked hard or long enough with your child – Don’t be overwhelmed or stressed for that matter. The truth is that others advice could have; or may not have made a difference at all, and such suggestions, may in fact be getting in the way of your just plain enjoying your child.

You won’t always get it right.

There are limits to what one person can do. You shouldn’t expect yourself to think about your child all the time. It is often easy to have the child with disabilities set the schedule and tone for the whole familyYou have limits and also your child; learn to recognize both and give yourself a chance to examine every situation with peace.

Have fun with your child.

When every activity becomes ‘a therapy session,’ pleasure gets lost. However, while everything on your calendar is important, it’s also important to make time to play, laugh, be silly and just enjoy your kids. Read to them, snuggle with them, engage with them with what’s important in their worlds.

You don’t have to be the Ultimate Parent

No one is excited about work every day, it gets tedious one day and interesting the next. This goes for parenting as well. There will be days when your child thrills you with joy and days when parenting will seem like the most tiresome job. You have the right to have your ups and lows.

Don’t lose yourself

As a parent you need time for yourself without the kids. There are many parts of your life and each deserves as much attention and nurturing as your child. Find things in your life you enjoy doing, a glass of wine, a hobby, shopping for yourself.

Trust yourself

You know your child better than anyone else. You know what works and what doesn’t. You have the right to be in charge of your child’s educational, social, medical decisions. While the professionals are the best in their area, you are the best for your child.

A child’s disability is stressful, agreed; but choosing to create a better future for them is possible only when you give yourself, and your child time to adapt, learn and love the good days as well as the bad.


“Love your child, promote strengths, do the best you can, think “outside the box”, and don’t be too hard on yourself.”

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