She Is Power

She Is Power

She Is Power “Wherever they live, whoever they are, every girl on this planet has value.”

– Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America

Does your gender determine your fate?
In some parts of the world, your gender does determine your destiny. In our country, for instance, the life of a girl child is one of illiteracy, gender bias, poor nutrition, limited health care and at times, early marriage. To make matters worse, in some parts, she is killed even before she is born.

Why so?
Why? Why me? Why am I not allowed to study? Why am I married off to a man twice my age? Why am I subjected to serious mental and physical abuse all my life? The questions are never ending but the answer is always finite, always the same… Because you are a girl.

For many girls around the world, these questions are as pertinent as they are disconcerting.

Time for change
Globally, boys are favoured over girls, but a girl is no less than any boy. She possesses equal potential, if not more. When a girl is given ample opportunities, she can do wonders for herself, her family, her community and the rest of the world.

According to a UN report, developing countries that allow girls to complete their secondary education can earn an economic dividend of $21 billion every year. In a country like ours where getting a girl married is widely considered more important than educating her, it is crucial to introduce change and educate every girl child. This will not only help her gain skills, knowledge and opportunities, but also help lift her family and the country out of poverty.

In the words of the outgoing First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, “These girls are our change makers — our future doctors and teachers and entrepreneurs. They’re our dreamers and our visionaries who could change the world as we know it.”

As doting parents and concerned citizens, you and only you can help fix the grave injustice that girls face on a day-to-day basis. Don’t undermine their abilities; they are as much a part of our future as any boy or man. When she learns, an entire generation learns. When she prospers, the world prospers.
She is power; let her learn, let her prosper, let her touch the sky.

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