Skills Academy’s newly launched course – Housekeeping service

Skills Academy’s newly launched course – Housekeeping service

House Keeping Service

The Ponty Chadha Foundation works in an array of directions to bring a revolutionary change in the overall ecosystem of the society. Be it education, healthcare, nutrition or security, the sole objective here is to foster the underprivileged for a better tomorrow.

This foundation has been running a skill academy course which supports the less fortunate  in skill development and makes them professionally qualified for the post of Security guards,  fire-fighters etc. They have now come up with a newly launched  Housekeeping service course in their on going initiative under the WAVE skill Academy. The main objective here is to boost the potential of the youth, coming from less privileged families. It is an endeavour to impart training to such candidates, thereby honing them with specialized skills , which would help them get employment.

House Keeping Service

Thousands of people migrate from rural, underdeveloped areas, to cities in order to find work. But this has not been very fruitful for them due to the lack of employment opportunities. This positive initiative by the Ponty Chadha foundation will help in bridging the gap between the rural and urban divide in India. The Ponty Chadha Foundation’s ongoing project, the Wave Skills Academy in Ghaziabad is an initiative to conduct skill development, and the idea is to specialize them in different skills and give them an opportunity to work and earn.

The Ponty Chadha Skills Academy helps young people realize their full productive potential through its skill and job placement programme in different sectors, such as security services, facilities management, fire-fighting, real estate and Housekeeping.

There are very good In-campus Facilities which have been initiated as well. The WAVE skill academy is spread over a 6 acre land in Dasna, Ghaziabad and has the capacity to train 120 to 150 trainees per training programme. The campus includes a residential accommodation, mess, kitchen, washrooms, training/lecture rooms, labs/simulation rooms, administrative block and stores. The institution will initially impart training programs in Housekeeping and facilities management/hospitality training.

The teachers here are in the ratio of 1:30 and the idea here is to impart training to multiple batches at a time. The training syllabus and curriculum will be according to the industry standards. Initially, candidates will be selected from rural areas. The candidate’s economic and educational profile followed by his or her willingness to take up employment will be the criteria for their selection.

While the curriculum will include technical aspects, soft skills and basic computer literacy, the methodology will encompass lectures, group work, peer learning, learning through audio-visual aids, practical sessions and real time on job training. To ensure the flow of an impeccable skills program, an advisory board inclusive of industry experts and senior in-house management of the WAVE Group will be formed.

This initiative by the Ponty Chadha Foundation will not only help in more employment opportunities for the rural, but will also help them in polishing their skills and motivating them.

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