The Wave Skills Academy

Bridging the Gap Between Rural and Urban IndiaBridging the Gap Between Rural and Urban India
The modern world of globalization amalgamated with technology is making the two ends of the world come together. This positive step can be highly used for bridging the gap between rural and urban divide in India. The demographic divide must be used very effectively to make the urban and rural population come together and work towards its emancipation. The Ponty Chadha Foundation’s ongoing project, the Wave Skills Academy in Ghaziabad is an initiative to conduct skill development programs for the unemployed candidates coming from underprivileged backgrounds. The idea is to specialize the youths in different skills and give them an opportunity to work and earn. 

Thousands of people migrate from rural, underdeveloped areas to cities in order to find work. But this migration does not become fruitful because of lack of productive employment opportunities in the city. This has paved the way for several non government initiatives and government endeavors to train unemployed youth so that they are able to earn a decent income without undergoing mental and physical hardships of migration or agriculture related failures. The Ponty Chadha Skills Academy helps these young people realize their full productive potential through its skilling and job placement programme in different sectors such as security services, facilities management, fire fighting and real estate.

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