How India Can Benefit From Skill India Campaign?

How India Can Benefit From Skill India Campaign?

Skill Development ProgramIn the words of Jim Rohn, “You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.” Skill India Campaign is set up with a similar vision to give the unused talents and untried ideas an opportunity to shine. For a country that celebrates knowledge and intellect, skill with in-depth knowledge and experience can prove to be a great asset. India has the second largest human capital in the world and an economy that constantly strives to expand. In such a scenario, there is necessity as well as tremendous potential for rapid skill development to facilitate overall development of the country.

Working for the underprivileged classes, the Ponty Chadha Foundation is making constant efforts to cater to their needs of potent sustenance opportunities and empowerment. In the same direction, The Ponty Chadha Skills Academy  is an honest attempt to provide skill development programs to create job window for people who have below average income or are out of work. The programs are mainly targeted towards the youth with an aim to bridge the rift between rural and urban India.

Make in India Campaign

Prime Minster Narendra Modi embarked on the campaign mainly with the objective of skill up-gradation to enhance the economic well being of the country. The Ponty Chadha Skills Academy acts as an active platform to help enable the same.  

A Step Towards Making India Better and Skillful

For long enough there have been talks of getting India a place among the developed nations. Right now India lacks adequate financial and industrial betterment to have a firm global voice. Hence, the scheme primarily aims at:

  • Construction of job resources
  • Economic growth
  • Global cognizance

The Ponty Chadha Foundation has significantly worked towards its Corporate Social Responsibility to build up a better community. Ranging from vocational training, training of soft skills, hospitality, real estate services, security services, electrical circuit knowledge, fire fighting skills to building up of schools.

 With just a handful of vocational options and increased call for skilled laborers, the need for experts has outnumbered the available headcount. Contrary to the usual neglect, the Foundation has built a full-fledged campus with well-built facilities, superior quality training and round the clock assistance, solving the issues of employment with added benefits.

In the voyage towards growth and emancipation, the Skill India Campaign is yet another initiative which is successfully contributing to shape India.


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