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Healthy food initiative in india

India is the land of paradoxes. On one hand, the country is setting up many records for increasing its food grain production. And on the other hand, millions of children here remain malnourished. They don’t even get ‘three’ basic meals in a day. Imagine their plight, either they have to beg or they starve to death. And there are few who succumb to this situation and resort to child labour. The effects are more devastating than we know.

 And the core of this menacing problem is related to FOOD. The inevitable need of our existence, food is the driving force of humankind. It disheartens us a lot when we see tonnes of cooked food getting wasted at a wedding or any public function. Even we come across many who always take more on their plate only to waste it as a leftover. There are many homemakers too who cook extra quantities of food and throw it at the end.

 These are few of the instances. There are many more causes of food wastage that overwhelm us. A lot of our grain productivity goes into drain during monsoons. There is enough grain productivity in our country, but lack of ‘Silos’ for grain preservation also contributes to food wastage.

 Going a little deeper into the statistics, it is revealed that about one-in-four calories available for consumption goes as waste. In a world where hunger still persists along with social unrest and escalating food prices, such wastage of food has great environmental, economical and moral impact. Because of its socio-economic impact, a number of NGOs and voluntary organizations have come up with remedial measures to put a check on such wanton national loss besides offering healthy food financing.

 At The Ponty Chadha Foundation, we feel that food is to feed, not to waste. Our non-profit initiative not only undertakes healthy food donation initiatives but also endeavours in generating public awareness to make fullest utilization of food and zero food wastage, not only on the individual level, but on larger levels too.

 Most of the food waste occurs on social occasions like parties. Most people have eyes, bigger than their stomach. In the present day buffet system, separate servers which try to put some restrictions on serving food items. Yet, large quantity of leftovers is a normal feature in any eatery party. Donating such leftover food is a great alternative to prevent such massive food wastage.

 Feeding the hungry and needy is one of the greatest charitable and altruistic works one can do. Keeping this in view, The Ponty Chadha Foundation organizes various food donation camps in association with India Food Banking Network (IBFN). The food donation camp in rural India focuses on distributing grains to the needy on a regular basis. The drive is to generate the awareness and take necessary steps to ensure that instead of being ‘wasted’, food is ‘fed.

 On individual levels, we are creating an environment where the leftover food, instead of being thrown, should be fed to needy and hungry in the society. With our persistent efforts on #ZeroHunger, we believe that hunger and poverty will soon be a passé. Do you agree with us? Share with us your thoughts.  


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