Importance of Doctors in Society

Importance of Doctors in Society

Importance of Doctors in SocietyPrior to the discovery of modern medicine, life had been a fleeting motion for all of mankind. The environment was replete with unseen dangers in the form of diseases and unexplained medical conditions. With the passage of time and advanced technology, medical practice changed into an organized profession, and humans experienced a significant improvement in the quality of their lives. Even though, one might argue and say that technical advancement may have replaced these ‘angels on earth’, but the position of doctors in our society has not diminished, and till date, they remain indispensable.

Saving Lives

For people around the world, a doctor can at times mean the difference between life and death. Ask a soldier or a competitive athlete, and you would hear countless tales of how their fractured and wounded bodies found solace and healing through the hands of a skilled physician. A regular cough and cold is not where the job of a medical professional starts and stops.

Extending Life

Cancer survivors usually owe their endurance or survival to doctors, whose skills and dedication are crucial for their cure. Modern medical technology coupled with a doctor’s’ care can give patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses, the hope for living longer.

Being Human

Humanitarian work and doctors have been synonymous since time immemorial. Some public support groups related to health and wellness, such as cancer and diabetes, draw membership from the medical profession and help promulgate information about how to avoid certain illnesses through lifestyle changes. From volunteering, to working on missions that provide healthcare to disaster victims and the underprivileged, doctors play more than just one role in our world.

Conducting Extensive Research & Controlling Epidemics

SARS, Bird Flu, and Dengue were at some point of time diseases that led to inevitable death rates that could not be cured. In today’s day and age, when such fatal diseases outbreak or occur, information provided by doctors can help contain the epidemic. Doctors check the spread of such diseases by creating awareness amongst masses. They do so by alerting them about bad hygiene, and risky behaviors that lead to such ailments. Besides this, doctors also work alongside researchers to find new cures, and run tests on consenting patients in order to come up with the perfect medical concoctions.

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