Recreational Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Recreational Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

 school for cerebral palsy in IndiaRehabilitation through recreational therapy is possibly the best way to improve the functioning and independence of a differently-abled person. Not only it builds self-esteem among them, but also develops their ability to relate with others and engage in their surrounding environment.

Especially in the case of cerebral palsy affected children, recreation plays a major role in their recovery. The use of progressive muscle relaxation techniques like guided imagery, deep breathing, adapted sports, horticulture facilitate improvement in their physical and mental conditions. Such recreational activities enable a child to function independently and promote his / her well-being.

The rehabilitative therapy works on inclusion and not on exclusion. Instead of keeping a child away from social interactions, opportunities are given to him / her to be a part of that activity. The basic idea behind this therapy is to inspire children to participate and be an integral part of activities they enjoy and learn from.

Incorporating Recreational Therapy in Daily Routine

The benefits of recreational therapy can reach the children only when it is adhered on a regular basis. This is one major reason why each school for children with cerebral palsy features special department of recreational experts. These experts observe a child’s behaviour, temperament and interest levels and devise leisure activities based on the inputs from teachers, parents and physicians. The ward’s daily routine and social skills are also observed before charting out treatment plans. Based on these findings, these specialists bring in adaptive approaches and prescribe recreation in the life-enhancing activities of a special child. Since a child spends most of his / her time in school, the rehabilitative program is highly effective way to bring positive change in their condition.

A live example of one such effort in the area can be of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), a school for cerebral palsy in India. Established under the tutelage of The Ponty Chadha Foundation, the school enables special education and rehabilitation for students with special abilities.

Activities Taken Up

The recreation therapy provided at MBCN allows a child to engage with his / her surrounding environment. Activities like outdoor games, painting, talent shows, craft activities, school plays, swimming, music or dance lessons and gardening are specially included to rehabilitate special children in their formative years. These activities enhance the ability of a child to plan, strategize and perform tasks in an effort to achieve improved physical functioning. Their inclusion in daily routines also encourages a child’s emotional well-being and improves their quality of life.

This therapy is a great way to give a special child, his or her sense of accomplishment and self-worth. For instance, a shy child may be put into more group activities that offer an opportunity to enhance social skills.

Through these rehabilitative measures, our school for special children tries to bring a positive change in the lives of children. At MBCN, we definitely believe that recreational therapy gives for cerebral palsy patients a new direction to identify their strengths and achieve goals in an easy yet effective manner.

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