Understand the Parenting and Teaching Dilemmas with Mrs. Peu Roy

Mrs. Peu Roy at MBCNThe story of Mrs. Peu Roy, a teacher at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is indeed a special one. She not only works as a vocational workshop instructor at the school, but is mother of a special child too. That makes the life for her all the more challenging. While facing these tough challenges, she tried to give a new direction to her daughter. In the course, she became a teacher for special children and brought a difference in life of many of her students with vocational training.

 Her journey as a special educator began after the birth of her daughter Meghna, who was diagnosed with Autism at the tender age of 2.5 years. Mrs. Peu recalls, “When she was close to 3 years, we noticed a change in her behavioural response. She started taking time in responding to stimuli. At that time, we were in Kolkata, so we took professional counselling for Meghna and found out that she is suffering from Autism. Since that day, I dedicated my life towards my daughter and her health. As a parent, all I wanted was the well-being of my daughter. I started studying about this disorder and got associated with many NGO’s in Kolkata. After my husband’s transfer to Delhi, I came across an NGO, Action for Autism in Delhi.”

 After a three-month long parental training, a fellow parent recommended her to Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan. She enrolled her daughter here and started working as a volunteer. Working at the school for autism gave a new aim to her life. There were many children who faced the same difficulty like her daughter and interacting with other kids inspired her to make a difference to the society.

 Being a mother of a special child brought out empathy in her and she was able to understand and manage the students in a better way. Consequently, her volunteering efforts came to fruition and she completed her B.Ed. degree in special education while working at the school. This led her appointment as a Special Educator at MBCN’s Vocational Workshop.

 As per her, ‘MBCN has changed her life in every way possible. It not only redefined potentials for my daughter, but also inspired me to take the call and do something meaningful for the society.’

 When we asked about her first experience at the special school for autism in Delhi, she had her share of apprehensions. At home, she had Meghna, and in the class, there were many students who shared the disability. She recalls, “When I entered the class for the first time, I wondered how I am going to deal with so many children with special needs.  Sometimes, the journey was full of bumps, but slowly I came to recognize their special attributes & dealt with each challenge effectively.”

 Being a parent of a special child also helped her a lot in dealing with special children at school. Owing to her personal experiences, she has become more patient and loving towards children.

 When asked about Meghna, the mother in Mrs. Peu Roy swells with joy and pride. And why not? If your daughter finds an expression in life through art and paintings, it certainly makes the life more meaningful for a mother. She exhibits her paintings every year at India Habitat Center and many of her art-works have found the buyers too. At present, Meghna is aspiring to take admission in National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) fashion designing course. 

“Though it doesn’t look like an easy task.” She feels that Meghna, being an autistic individual might suffer behavioural problems in the institute. But that doesn’t deter her in any way. As a parent, she is ready to facilitate her daughter’s dreams with proper education.

 At present, Meghna has created several unique dress designs and Mrs. Peu would soon take her to NIFT to see the scope of education for her daughter. We wish that she secures admission for Meghna soon at NIFT and put wings to her dreams.

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