Cerebral palsy – Challenges and Tips to overcome it

Cerebral palsy – Challenges and Tips to overcome it


Cerebral palsy is a developmental disorder and a leading cause of disability in young children. This condition can render stiff or weak muscles in children causing restrictions in movement and functioning. Cerebral Palsy in most cases is caused by structural damage to a child’s developing brain. Essentially, the condition can be attributed to abnormal growths in areas of the brain that is associated with balance and movement.

There is currently no cure for cerebral palsy; however, there are different treatment options for people. These options include therapy, medications, surgery, education, and support. By taking advantage of these treatments, people with CP can improve their functions and optimize the quality of their lives.

Certain health problems are more common in individuals with cerebral palsy, from drooling, lack of proper nutrition, bladder dysfunction, Gastrointestinal Issues, Constipation, Respiratory Issues and insomnia. Children also suffer from pain in various parts of their body – Hip pain being a very common one. Communication is another aspect where this condition severely cripples children as oral articulation becomes really hard due to a very little control of the facial muscles pertaining to problems with eating, chewing and swallowing too.

Parents or supporters often look for information about their child from professionals. It is important to encourage the families to work with to track their child’s development, including movement milestones, and get help if they are concerned. A child suffering from Cerebral Palsy can easily have multiple disorders that will make it very difficult to carry out daily activities; a professional who is helping a child should remember this and try to empathize with the child.

It is extremely significant to carefully observe a child who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as early diagnosis of other underlying neurological conditions can help connect the child with concerned therapies helping lead them a better life. Early and careful addressing of a child’s condition is crucial.

There are many challenges pertaining to cerebral palsy, let us discuss some tips that can be beneficial to anyone learning and researching about the condition.

● Professional help should be given to children for various kinds of exercises. Expert aid through exercises can help children overcome their physical disabilities to a great extent.
● People around the child, relatives as well as their friends should be more empathetic towards the child not sympathetic. Empathy alone can be a great help to such children and their parents in overcoming the challenges associated with Cerebral Palsy.
● Such children must not be deprived of education. Proper education would help them gain confidence and also allow them to have a societal presence.
● Parents should make the house more adaptable according to the needs of the child.
For instance: instead of stairs, the house can have a ramp that lets the child move freely.
And lastly, love, care, and support at home, at school, and from the society are essential for any child’s growth. Under the supervision of a medical specialist or any professional, the main aim is to reach an individual’s greatest potential physically, mentally and socially. It is significant to understand that therapies differ from child-to-child and should be curated as necessary.

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