The Beauty of Non- Verbal Communication

The Beauty of Non- Verbal Communication


Richelle E. Goodrich said, “I do listen. I just wait for the words to stop and your eyes to speak.” Indeed, the beauty of non verbal communication lies in the essence of substantial exchange of ideas without the adherence to the words. Such kinds of communication make for just an ordinary interaction but an extraordinary experience. This is the specialty which people with hearing impairment are endowed with. When it comes to non- verbal communication, people with HI are the best ones who indulge in conversations through sign language. Sign language comprises the usage of hand movements, facial expressions and body postures which are the primary aspects of non-verbal communication.
However, the journey from encoding a message so that it reaches to the decoder through sign languages which is a difficult a difficult process. There are many kinds of hearing impairments such as:
1. Conductive Hearing Loss
2. Mixed Hearing Loss
3. Sensorineural Hearing Loss

In all of these hearing impairments, communicating with others becomes a challenge. However, sign language is a special medium of interaction which functions on the idea of silence being eloquent . The gap which gets created due to inability to hear properly gets filled through non verbal communication. The eloquence is brought through the emphasis given on physical gestures and hand movements.
At MBCN School, students who are deaf are provided with the best exposure which includes many therapies and activities. One of their HI students, Kartik, communicates with others with ease and comprehends them too without any difficulty. The sense of hearing is one of the most important sources of day to day interaction. Hearing Impairment acts as a barrier in this process. But every cloud has a silver lining. Sign language fills up the gap created by the inability to exercise verbal communication. The beauty of non verbal communication can be felt and witnessed through the way HI students interact with external world in sign languages.

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