MBCN Gets Eco-Friendly With Swayam

MBCN Gets Eco-Friendly With Swayam

MBCN gifts‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’

Going eco-friendly is the best way to achievesustainable development in the long run.This has always been taught at Swayam, the vocational training workshop at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN).Here, people may find Mrs. Usha Grover guiding the differently-abled children to use their creative hands in making environment-friendly paper products.Visit the workshop these days and find the special children busy in fulfilling demands of paper bags for Parliament of India and lunch-boxes for Taj Palace Hotel.

The journey is not an easy one as people can watch these children involved in various activities while sitting at their respective desks. Wondering why they have been assigned to sit at different tables? As mentioned, they have several special abilities and they learn folding, cutting and pasting gradually through systematic learning.They acquirethese skills to make usable boxes, baskets, stationery items, photo frames and paper bags priced between Rs. 8 to Rs. 350 for sale.

Product Categories

Children at the vocational training NGO, MBCN specialize in handcrafting tissue paper boxes, slip pads, make-up kits, wall hangings, jewellery boxes, envelopes, chura boxes and leaf bags. We supply products like gift boxes, office files, pen stand with frames, office kits, notebooks and cash boxes to different corporate houses. Our workshop products can be bought from Centre Stage Mall in Noida and The Westend Mall in Lucknow and Ludhiana too.

What are these goods for?

Buyers can also look for our handmade products online and shop for the vocational workshop items at our portal. With this, we attempt to extend our presence to the outer world and make people appreciate the unique talents of differently abled children. Another objective behind promoting the use of such items is to make the MBCN students financially independent.

The paper goods manufactured here can be utilized to keep tissue papers, important documents, make-up items, jewellery and cash. They can also be used in the form of packaging for giving away presents on various occasions, such as wedding and Diwali celebrations.

Reasons for going eco-friendly

The exclusive range of products is manufactured using high-quality materials keeping the environment standards in mind. A unique thing to notice about these goods is that they are all made up of handmade paper and cardboards which are both reusable and durable. There are many advantages of using the eco-friendly items in crafting the paper goods. They are neither toxic nor unsafe for the environment, thus don’t lead to any health hazards. They are 100% organic, biodegradable and can be recycled.

The reason why MBCN adopts such materials for creating paper products is that it is committed to a clean and green environment and wants to spread the word. We realize our responsibility towards the environment, and practice optimum use of resources to leave enough for the future generations.



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