PCF Health Camps: Ensuring Citizens Stay in the Pink of Health

PCF Health Camps: Ensuring Citizens Stay in the Pink of Health

PCF June health campWinston Churchill once said “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” A nation which has a healthy population is the one which is successful in its truest sense. Equal access for all to health facilities is an indicator of a balanced society.

To ensure that the underprivileged are not deprived of these facilities, the Ponty Chadha Foundation, which is a CSR initiative from the house of The Wave group, organises regular health camps. Through these series of free health checkup camps conducted in alliance with Dr. Ram Saran Garg Indo-German Hospital, PCF ensures that the villagers and construction site workers stay in optimum health condition.

Going in line with the series of our social welfare programs, 3 health checkup camps were recently organised at Bhur Garhi Dasna, Dujana and Usman Garhi in Ghaziabad and one at a construction site in Sector 2, Noida for the workers. Over 600 patients were looked after at these camps, out of which, more than 50% were women.

A majority of these patients were diagnosed with skin issues, followed by joint pains, and gastrointestinal problems. A lot of women were checked for anaemia for which the doctors suggested dietary supplements apart from the regular medication.

With an aim to provide curative healthcare to all the patients at these camps, the team of doctors not just diagnosed them for their ailments, but also recommended important measures other that could be taken to maintain overall physical fitness.

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For children upto 17-years of age, the doctors advised their parents to tweak the diets in order to cater to their growing bodies. These included economical alternatives for a protein rich diet, which is required for muscle building and immunity boosting. And for the patients above 50-years of age, the doctors recommended simple exercises to maintain their fitness levels.

PCF, being a pioneer in social welfare initiatives, has always rooted for equal access to all facilities for all the citizens. Hence, the health camps were introduced in the less privileged settlements. With these camps, the Ponty Chadha Foundation is giving back to the society to help build a fit nation, free of ailments.

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