Save food Spare a Meal Fight Hunger

Save food Spare a Meal Fight Hunger

Save food Spare a Meal Fight Hunger

Save food Spare a Meal Fight Hunger

The day hunger disappears, the world will see the greatest spiritual explosion humanity has ever seen. – Federico Garcia Lorca

Offering a plateful means feeding tonnes to thousands. Unbelievable it may appear, but it does work. Without food, a nation can never truly prosper because no society can long function with the growing dearth of its most effective and strong ‘human’ resource. Therefore, feed as many as you can. After all, an act of kindness multiplies in more ways than one. Wastage of food is growing like an epidemic and it is time to take the right action. The right action would not just include donating food but also reducing its ‘wastage’ that’s another big reason fuelling hunger worldwide.

Shop Smart, Waste Less

The fact is that, more than a third of the global food production is either spoilt or wasted. Though, the reality is that the overall supply is far more in abundance, which is twice the amount needed for each individual. So, it is really important to prevent the food going to trash every day. One way to do that is through smart and realistic shopping.

Go food shopping every day but do not buy too much to eat or you may end up wasting them. Also, do not over-serve at the dining table or it can go to the dustbin. Store the food materials in the right places whether they are required to be put in refrigerators or at a room temperature.

Preserve and Donate

Avoid clutter in the fridge and pantry. Keep the products neat and visible so that they stay in your sight and do not go out of mind. When you buy anything new, move the older ones to front and consume them first. Before throwing away excess food, check with the charities and look into the food banks to give away the items you are not going to eat. Give them to the needy before they turn stale.

You can donate the leftovers to companies and farms for feeding livestock. You can increase the shelf life of edible products by preserving them through canning, pickling, salting, freezing and drying.

Be mindful of your actions, helpful to the poor

This World Hunger Day, the Ponty Chadha Foundation (PCF) wants to draw attention to the shortage of food in India, which has primarily been due to lack of preservation as well as wastage by people. We all are educated, and need no major motivation to do what’s right. The need of the hour is to evaluate our own actions and help gain balance in society. The widening gap between the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’ can only be diminished if we are conscious to save food, avoid wastage and help the needy. Let’s all work towards it and help end hunger forever.


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