Women Rights in India

Women Rights in India

Women Rights in India

Society and Women

It is a well known fact that a society in which women are not given due importance can never be a healthy one. In order for it to prosper and thrive, it is of utmost importance that the women in that society are treated with honour, respect and dignity.

Women in Ancient India
In our country, home of the oldest civilisation in the world, women were traditionally accorded great respect and equal footing with the rest of their society. In fact, it is believed that some verses from the Vedas and the Upanishads were written in part by some of the most erudite women of ancient India. As opposed to this day and age, women in those days were not just homemakers, but quite honestly the torchbearers of Indian society.

The Present Scenario
With the passage of time, the position of women got diminished considerably, reducing their role in the household to merely giving birth, raising children and doing chores. All the important positions were now being held by men who never allowed this status quo to change. Very soon, the Indian society became a largely male dominated one.

Time for Change
Thankfully, people have now realised that the girl child needs to be given as many opportunities, if not more, as the male child. As a result, there is a tremendous positive change that we see in our society. Although the gender equation is relatively balanced in metro cities, smaller towns and villages still have a long way to go. In rural areas, the rights of women are still limited despite various efforts made both by the government and different NGOs. Laws and guidelines pertaining to the empowerment of women, even when implemented, are wilfully ignored and trampled upon.

The Way Ahead
It is high time that political leaders, ministers and other torch bearers of the Indian society do their best to make sure that women get the rights they duly deserve. From education and vocation to marriage and motherhood, women need to be in a position where every choice they make is their own in every sense of the word. In this regard, what is infinitely more important than the presence of laws or doctrines is the need for drastic change in the prevailing mindset of our people. This change in mindset could begin from metro cities, but it has to eventually percolate down to rural areas as well. Only then can Indian women start walking shoulder to shoulder with men and women from around the world, thus empowering our great nation in its entirety.

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