Towards a Just & Equitable World with PCF

Towards a Just & Equitable World with PCF

world justice dayWorld Day of Social Justice, observed every year on 20th February, is the embodiment of human rights that go beyond race, caste, gender, class and disability. Social justice is promoted when we remove the barriers that stop an individual or a community to experience equality. Equity and social justice lie at the core of Ponty Chadha Foundation. It’s our quest to fill the gap of inequality.

Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, a charitable school for physically & mentally disabled children, fulfills the educational needs of the differently-abled. Our special education courses, comprising of Indian Sign Language, speech therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy etc., tackle learning difficulties faced by the special children. Launched in 2017, our Vaakya app is designed for people with speech/hearing impairment, autism and cerebral palsy. Swayam is another initiative that promotes self-sufficiency for the specially-abled where they create handmade, eco-friendly items and learn lead an active life.

Hunger continues to be a constant cause of distress to our nation. According to a report by ‘The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2017’, 190.7 million Indians are undernourished. How does one talk about justice when most of our countrymen are deprived of the most basic of the necessities – food! Although it might be a drop in the bucket, our regular food donation camps and food distribution drives are leading us steadily towards eradicating the epidemic of hunger from our country.

Charts show that the state of healthcare isn’t much better than that of hunger in the country. India ranks 154th out of 195 countries on the healthcare index, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study. The state of public access to even basic healthcare is saddening in most of the rural areas. Unless we, as individuals or entities, step up and make a change, the conditions will prevail. To bridge the gap, Ponty Chadha Foundation organises regular health camps across Delhi NCR where free healthcare and medicines are offered to those in need.

Reports reflect that India is about to have a billion people aged between 15 and 64 by 2027 i.e., the highest workforce in the world. While it’s extremely uplifting for the nation, the sad part is that the most of India’s youth is unskilled and untrained, making them ineligible for employment. Sardar Kulwant Singh Chadha Skills Academy, the youth-oriented wing of PCF, has taken the onus of skilling the Indian youth through its skill development training sessions and workshops. And we are proud to have rendered the young resources employable as most of our trainees are bagging coveted jobs on a regular basis, taking charge of their lives.

It is only when the marginalised is included by the removal of barriers that stand in their way, social justice is achieved. Let this World Day of Social Justice be a wake up call and a reminder to bring equity and justice that leave no one untouched.

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