What does Goddess Durga Symbolize?

What does Goddess Durga Symbolize?

A woman may appear calm but a lot of dedication, hard work, perseverance, patience and power, is what she is made up of. She is always thinking about her job, children, husband, parents… all the time. A multi-tasker with a gentle heart, you will definitely observe the same– at your home, workplace or society, in general.

Goddess Durga Symbol of Women Empowerment in India

First of all, she is gifted for she has been given a boon to give birth to a life. She is like Mother Earth for she carries a life in her womb for nine months and keeps a watchful eye until it grows to see the light of the day. Her job is not over here. She stays a guiding light for lives whether in happiness or distress to withstand the test of time.

And all this starts right from the time she is born to her adolescence, youth and till she ages further…

Every Woman, a Manifestation of Durga

A women is known with not just one but many names and has various facets of her own. Together, she becomes a supreme power, an embodiment of Goddess Durga. What she embodies, she becomes – a character of purity, knowledge, self-realisation and truth. Her soul is infinite and goes beyond space and time.

A woman holds divine qualities of patience and firmness, is a storehouse of knowledge, an epitome of peace and an ardent believer in faith. She is the embodiment of Goddess Durga as her extraordinary characteristics preside over the evil forces of jealousy, selfishness, hatred, prejudice, anger and ego – the inner demons of mankind.

Goddess Durga Symbolize

Today’s woman is a symbol of the victory of good over evil to become the beautiful, most impressive and formidable warrior goddess, Durga. She is also the energy of her consort without which he holds no expression as she connects him to the tangible elements of the universe.

Her Symbolic Extraordinary Strengths

Every woman possesses extraordinary strengths and represents the supreme. She is a warrior with symbolic eight hands that carry various qualities coming handy in different situations offering lessons to humans.

Like her, she has an innate motherly desire to nurture and lead to protect the mankind while cradling lives to bed. She can be as strong as iron while being graceful. She puts her heart and soul in things she does and teaches us to be always ready to take on the challenges in life. These are the reasons why her right hand is always raised in blessing and forgiveness.

Goddess Durga

Every girl child is a blessing

India is one of the few countries, where, even today sex determination is banned despite advancement in pre-natal science and healthcare. The onslaught of feminism starts from that very point where selective gender bias is prevalent in our country. For centuries together women have played their roles of being the provider and sustainers of families and it is proven that wherever women have been given freedom, they have changed the world and made it a better place to live in.

Consider this… if today a girl child is given a chance to survive, confidence to live and opportunity to get educated; she can transform the entire family! An educated girl will not only be more capable and aware as a child but also, eventually be a balanced adult.

Discrimination between the male and female child has to end forever. Educated Indians must behave responsibly and set an example for one another.

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To sum up, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a female colleague and every other woman you can see around deserves all the love, respect and admiration for the multiple roles she plays in your life.

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