Independence for Special Children

Independence for Special Children


Untitled-2Independence as a concept holds great relevance in everybody’s life. It is one great reason why we all cherish freedom and wish to soar like free birds. But for special children with special needs, this independence doesn’t come that easy. They are bound by various physical, mental and other challenges in life. For them, independence is far-fetched dream. Even for minimal needs, they need support all-the time. At times, it often becomes challenging for parents to give them an independent life.

 In their case, timely intervention and rehabilitation can relieve them from the challenges that life has posed on them. At Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, we aim to empower such differently-abled children in defying various obstacles and help them lead an independent life in whatever ways or means.

 The school works for the relief of special children in multifaceted ways. More than just a school, the institution works for the overall relief and development of special children. Education, medical intervention and rehabilitation techniques form the part of this productive routine.

 This philanthropic initiative of The Ponty Chadha Foundation works free-of-cost for the benefit of such children. This relieves the financial burden from the parents and helps the children take a better direction. At present, the school supports overall development of children suffering from cerebral palsy, autism, hearing impairment or visual impairment and multiple degenerative disorders.

 Analyzing Strengths & Weaknesses

Next way with which the school attempts to make these special children independent is through education. The students at MBCN are assessed on the basis of their weaknesses as well as their strengths. From here, we start the journey to their betterment and independence through multifaceted growth.  Education, social skills, communication, extra-curricular activities, medical care, customised therapies all come under the comprehensive curriculum of our school for special learning. We try to give every child at MBCN a personal support and necessary care in all walks of his or her life.

 This helps them to gain a more confident outlook towards life. They are also given a customized functional therapeutic programme which enables them to carry out their daily needs in the most independent way possible.

Commercial Independence

Once the education is complete, the next level is to make special children financially independent through vocational training. Based on their abilities, they are encouraged to nurture their soft skills for their integration with the society. This participation not only boosts their confidence, but also helps them develop favourable interpersonal relationships.

 The idea of self-worth and economic independence is persistently inculcated among special-children at our school. After crossing the age of 18, the students here carve out their livelihood by making paper carry bags, envelopes, folders, pen holders, jewellery boxes, gift boxes, card holders, photo frames, etc.

 At Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, we follow this way to empower our students and make them independent in different walks of life. This is how we envision independence for every differently-abled child in India.

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