Feeding The Hungry Through Our Food Banks

Feeding The Hungry Through Our Food Banks

Food Charity InitiativeThe world would have been a better place to live-in if there are not as many lives lost due to cancer than to hunger. With 7,000 people dying every day due to lack of food, India is home to 212 million undernourished humans. Hunger is a grim reality for 20 million Indians who sleep without food every night. For them, having three basic meals in a day looks like a distant dream. The situation becomes more challenging when we see one-third of the world’s hungry population living in India.

 The condition is grave in the bigger cities as the rising population staying is left with a meagre income to feed many mouths in their family. Chronic hunger and its relative after-effects drain the poor physically, break-down their immunity and expose them to serious diseases. Food banks play a crucial role in correcting the societal imbalance by distributing food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food. Through this way, these groups try to empower the needy against hunger by ensuring them proper supply of food.

 Fight Against Hunger

To help these hungry souls, we at The Ponty Chadha Foundation have initiated a crusade to fight hunger and help the underprivileged communities in the NCR region. Through our food drive against hunger, we create awareness around food distribution among the needy. Recently, we joined hands with the Genesis Global School, Noida and involved students and parents in this noble cause.

We organised a three-month long food collection drive for Ghaziabad and NOIDA Food Bank within the school premises.  During Parent-Teacher meetings, the parents donated raw food items such as pulses, rice, oil, etc for the benefit of the needy. As a result of our considerable efforts, we managed to collect over 1,000 kgs of food items under this drive. Thereafter, the gathered food products were sent to one of our NGO partners, Great Care Home which is an orphanage to look after the abandoned children.

Ensuring Food Security

Beyond this collective drive, we also have a tie-up with the India Food Banking Network (IFBN) for voluntary distribution of food amongst the poor. This is an initiative to support thousand of feeding programmes in India through collaboration between government, private sector and NGO’s to fight hunger & malnutrition. The joint effort of IFBN and The Ponty Chadha Foundation is a healthy food initiative in India to fight the global food crisis. This is our contribution to UNICEF’s Zero Hunger Challenge that aims to ensure adequate nutrition for every individual. Continuing our welfare activities, we have initiated many food collection drives in Ghaziabad and Noida. We liaise between the donors and those who are on the receiving end through our action-oriented plan dedicated to fight hunger.

The aim is to create awareness regarding curbing malnutrition and hunger in this region. The food collection drive set up with the help of Genesis Global School was one such effort in the area of trying to feed the thousands of hungry mouths across the country.

Giving Relief

Another step with regard to healthy food financing was our intervention in Nepal for the earthquake victims. We supported an NGO Nayati Charitable Trust for emergency relief operations in the no-aid areas through food, medical aid, shelter items and essential clothing.

Through food donation camp for poor, the Ponty Chadha Foundation is gradually spreading its wings to create awareness about ‘food security for all’ through the food banks. Our food donation drive acts as a catalyst to feed the needy and brings a #WaveofChange in the life of many.


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