‘Special’ Gifting Option to Light Up Your Diwali

‘Special’ Gifting Option to Light Up Your Diwali

vocational training NGODiwali is a season of gifting. On this day, we might light crackers or feast upon delicacies, but still the eagerness of receiving and giving gifts remains one of our most valued festival memories. So much that we spend days and days searching for the best gift for our loved ones.  If you are also in a search for that perfect gift, then we have a promising gifting option for you. Our school for special children, Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) also functions as a vocational training NGO that produces amazing hand-made craft items. Here these specially-abled children are trained to make amazing paper crafts, bejewelled box packaging, hand-made notebooks, diaries and lots more. While doing so, the school empowers them with financial independence by offering them monthly stipend.

When you look at the amazing creations of our specially-abled children, you will be astonished to see their creativity and talent. Each product is refined to the best of their abilities, and the result is purely amazing. Definitely, these products are a perfect gifting option for each product carries the priceless feelings and emotions of these ‘special’ children.

 Our Eco-Friendly Products

These fantastic eco-friendly products are a result of the institution’s successful vocational training programmes. Placed within MBCN’s NOIDA campus, the sheltered workshop is the place where their creativity and talent meet. Here, the vocational training and skill development begins at the age of 16. By the time, these young adults reach the age of 18; they are fully trained to work productively within the workshop premises only.

Taking the interests and talents of every child into account, it is a good opportunity to enable an atmosphere of learning and earning through extracurricular activities. Although, not without the careful supervision of their teachers.

Today, the sheltered workshop is a popular manufacturer and supplier of handmade paper goods. MBCN’s range of eco-friendly products comprises of printed and handmade ‘Shagun’ envelopes, retail carry bags, exclusive chocolate box, gift box, jewellery box, office kit and bangle box. These products can be easily purchased at various malls owned by the WAVE Group.

 Clients We Serve

These creations have also found place in the hearts of prominent corporate houses which have joined hands with MBCN under a corporate social responsibility. Listed in this category are popular names like Naukri.com, WAVE Cinemas, Taj Palace Hotel, Nazeer Foods, Nesh Wine Studio, Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Seven Promises, Soffi’s – The Luxury Collection, Amiya, Yellow Cherry Craft and many more. The workshop’s expertise lies in making incredible product packaging, gift boxes, carry bags and office stationary.

 Where To Buy These Priceless Creations

These exclusive gifting options can be purchased from dedicated kiosks at the Centre Stage Mall in Noida and the WAVE Mall located in Lucknow and Ludhiana. These MBCN kiosks have grown to have several outlets which showcase amazing hand-crafted products.

The entire profit derived from selling these items is distributed to the hard-working students on an equity basis. Therefore, make a charity gesture on the eve of Diwali and mark your contribution towards the students of MBCN. Gift them independence by ensuring their livelihood rights to help them stand up for themselves in the society. Buy one of their handmade goods this year and be a #WaveOfChange in empowering them and making them self-dependent. Enjoy the festivities while trying to bring about a change in the lives of others by lighting up their precious smiles.

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