Free Health Camps for the Ailing & Needy

Free Health Camps for the Ailing & Needy

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Ever since its inception, the Ponty Chadha Foundation has aspired to create a society that is healthy, independent, and promotes equal access to resources. Thankfully, all our CSR initiatives have helped us achieve these goals. Be it helping the youth get jobs, nurturing young buds with special needs, or providing basic healthcare to those who can’t afford it – we do it all.

In association with Dr. Ram Saran Garg Indo-German Hospital, the Ponty Chadha Foundation conducts regular health check-up camps in villages in and around Ghaziabad. Till date, over a 1000 patients have been diagnosed with various ailments, and treated with correct medication and dietary recommendations.

Doctor Checking Patients

Ailing men, women and children are looked after at these camps. They are made aware of basic hygiene practices to help them lead a healthy life. Likewise, our doctors also share to-do lists with their patients, so that they can easily handle any or all health-related emergencies at home.

So far, a majority of the people have been diagnosed with skin issues. Since their living conditions are not hygienic enough, they develop several types of allergies. If left unattended, these allergies can later cause havoc. At our health camps, apart from diagnosis and medication, patients are also told how to keep themselves and their surroundings clean.

Conducting health camps

Apart from widespread skin diseases, many patients were found complaining about gastrointestinal problems. For the same, they were not only given medication, but also instructed to consume and avoid certain food items. Also recorded at these camps were sporadic cases of joint pains, common cold and issues with ENT.

Our sole aim is to help each section of the society become healthier and fitter, so that they can contribute positively to nation building as a whole. And to keep this caravan of good health moving, the Ponty Chadha Foundation will come up with more and more free health camps in the future for the lesser privileged amongst us.

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