PCF Health Camps in Ghaziabad in the year 2018

PCF Health Camps in Ghaziabad in the year 2018

At many points in our lives, we encounter medical problems that make us realise the value of prevention, and compel us to pay more attention to our health. In that regard, while it is important to eat right and avoid harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol and excessive amounts of salt and sugar, our food habits might not be enough of an effective defence mechanism against diseases.

Health Camp in Ghaziabad


In today’s day and age, the changing lifestyle of people makes mental stress inevitable. To top that, the increase in air, water, noise and land pollution leads to complicated health issues that necessitate early check-ups and diagnoses.

For the marginalised and underprivileged, this is where free medical assistance comes into the picture. It is imperative to provide everyone access to healthcare facilities, and make them aware about the diseases they might be suffering from.

An integral part of its CSR activities, health camps organised by The Ponty Chadha Foundation provide free medical advice and medicines to the lesser fortunate amongst us. In some cases, the doctors even suggest specialised surgeries or treatment. However, the main agenda of these camps is to make people aware of an illness in time, so that it doesn’t gradually escalate into a serious health problem. Not only does that help detect an underlying illness, it also allows patients to live longer and healthier.

Actively organised in the village districts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Haryana and other states, these free diagnostic health camps also help facilitate social welfare, economic development of rural communities and inclusive growth.

To know more, take a look at the highlights of all health and food distribution camps organised in the months of February and March.

In 2018 alone, the foundation has so far held over 30 medical camps in villages like Usman Garhi, Chhiroli and Khichra, helping around 4,381 villagers and addressing around 4,868 cases. Diseases detected during these camps include joint pain, skin problems, respiratory problems, gynaecology problems and many others.

As a socially responsible foundation, we wish to conduct more of these camps in the future and hope to cover as many villages as we can. Our health is of utmost importance, and we must prioritise it above everything else. In countries like India where 70% of the population still resides in rural areas, addressing health issues is crucial. We at The Ponty Chadha Foundation pledge to do our bit, and urge every citizen to take small steps towards a disease-free and healthy India!

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