Here is How Life is Spent at Skills Academy

Here is How Life is Spent at Skills Academy

skills-blog-postTraining the unskilled individuals and empowering them to earn a decent livelihood seems like a distant dream in India, but Sardar Kulwant Singh Chadha Skills Academy has made it a reality since 2015. At the academy, training is imparted in the fields of security services, facilities management and hospitality training and many other things that are practically required for unarmed security profession.

Trainees at the academy learn how to prepare themselves to deal with on-the-job challenges and responsibilities. They are also taught to practise a systematic and disciplined life. They stay in the academy for at-least 25 days. Their day starts at 5am with a morning drill and exercise session. Healthy and hygienic breakfast is prepared by the culinary team headed by Mr. Paan Singh Negi. Food is served in a well-maintained dining hall that has a capacity of 70 people at once. Sanitation and personal hygiene are other important aspects that trainees are taught to imbibe.

Let us tell you more about the exciting journey of these trainees during their stay in the academy and especially about those people who make their journey delighting every single day.

Know it better
A middle-aged but energetic man, Mr. Ravinder Singh has been working for the academy as the Center Head for a year now. He is set to welcome the twelfth batch of youths in October. In a conversation, he says that trainees of the academy have the huge opportunities to get good job in unarmed security industry. He further says that if they can show their skills on the job very well, they can become top ranked security professionals such as Supervisor, Assistant Security Officer in any company.

He further elaborates that in the industry there is a paucity of well-trained security professionals in the higher rank. Also, the industry has a serious shortage of skilled manpower. Addressing that very need, the skills academy is trying to fill the gap with advanced course module that is internationally bench-marked.

From the Trainer’s eyes
Let us talk about Mr. Balwant Singh, teacher in-charge at the skills academy. When we met, he explains on the nuances of his job. He believes in providing comprehensive training to each trainees according to their capability and understanding level. He also encourages trainees to ask for questions in the classroom. Trainees are here encouraged to ask for repeated lecture session as and when required. He believes that it is the optimum way to help them get in-depth knowledge in each training module. In the class he picks tasks and duties for each of the trainees; and he opines that this approach helps them learn better.
Trainees’ stay at this academy is not limited to just classroom sessions. There is also an exciting games period afterwards when trainees can enjoy volleyball.

In the Mobilisation team’s opinion
The mobilisation team has something different to contribute. In a conversation, they shared their challenging experience. They bring these youngsters from the remote villages to the academy. First and foremost, they select the villages and thereafter make a plan on what approach should be taken in respective areas. They arrange meeting and orientation programs in the villages and directly interact with the prospective trainees and their families. After that they shortlist, select and enrol the youths to be trained. After the training, trainees get observed into the various Indian companies and MNCs as well. For them, the satisfaction comes when their need and expectation are fulfilled regarding employment, salary expectation, and working hours etc. At the end it is encouraging to see that the team brings in their work, in essence, is what Sardar Kulwant Singh Chadha Skills Academy is all about.

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