Helping You Deal with Autism

Helping You Deal with Autism

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A Challenge Undertaken by Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan
Autism is a kind of lifelong disability related to the mental development of a child. Dealing with Autism can be a challenging task for a parent. An early detection helps both the child and the parent to cope with the issue in a more efficient manner. Patience and empathy are extremely necessary while dealing with autistic children. The Ponty Chadha Fundation through Mata Bhagwanti Devi Chadha Niketan, works towards helping special children cope up with their environment in a better way. This rehabilitation institution in India, as a corporate social responsibility of the Wave Group provides various cognitive and social assistance to special children.

According to a teacher in Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, “An autistic child is not able to communicate in a proper manner like other normal children. This abnormality is caused due to neurological disorder that makes him/her develop restrained social skill.” The special school deploys special methods for autistic children to help them learn and grow. Providing a safe and sound environment to the child is very crucial for her development. Picture commination, teaching through social stories and visual aids are the different methods of teaching.

For a parent, accepting the child and not giving up, forms the most important aspect of handling the pressure. The school supports autistic children through various trainings and approaches. Specially trained teachers with expertise in technology and social skills, aid the differently abled children in developing and coping up with their ambience.

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