Human Rights Day: A Pivotal Day for The Ponty Chadha Foundation

Human Rights Day: A Pivotal Day for The Ponty Chadha Foundation

Human-Rights-Day-PCF-Blog (1)The world is in a constant state of chaos, and the urgency to establish the right to freedom, speech, religion, health and safety has never been as important as it is today. Realising our rights as humans is something we need to take seriously, besides understanding the simple concept of equality on all levels, and across all sections of society.

Human Rights Day, which is celebrated and recognised each year, is a pivotal day for The Ponty Chadha Foundation as well. From initiating health camps to spreading social messages through Skills Academy that help create a better society for the underprivileged – the volunteers and change makers, who work for The Ponty Chadha Foundation, live the global message advocated through human rights, day in and day out.

Giving every individual the right to live an independent life with dignity and respect is of utmost importance. Regardless of the physical, financial, or mental limitations, the equipped faculty goes out of their way to help build confidence and fortitude in each and every individual. The different pillars of The Ponty Chadha Foundation focus on the strengths, rather than on the weaknesses, and help build potential, rather than undermining it.

Unfortunately, inequality is a stigma that we still deal with, and The Ponty Chadha Foundation, through its awareness campaigns, has strived to create a society of equals. From educating the masses, to enabling the disabled, and beyond – The Ponty Chadha Foundation staff have always been on a constant mission to help the less privileged gain their rights, and to make a difference in the world with their God given talents and skills.

Unless we encourage the voices of those who need to be heard, we can’t be a nation that thrives to its full potential. In honour of Human Rights Day, this year, let us come together and eradicate poverty, illiteracy, and pave the way to a brighter future for our children and fellow brothers and sisters.

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