The Power of Youth: Shaping New India

The Power of Youth: Shaping New India

Social Welfare ActivitiesHow many of us would like to see India transform from a developing country to a developed nation? Of course, all of us! And who will drive this change? Of course, the youth! Our billion plus population comprises mostly of youth. A great way to give something in return to the society would be to bring about a positive difference in the society. This is exactly what The Ponty Chadha Foundation endeavours to do by shaping up the next generation population.

Some Young Inspirers
A recent initiative by the Times of India saw many youngsters coming together to form a youth club, which is responsible for the maintenance of their respective cities. After all, youth can make a difference in every sphere, be it education, health, business, politics, profession, animal sheltering or community programmes. Some case studies are depicted below as an example of innovation and will power:
• Virendra Kumar Sinha, a school dropout from Bihar has invented a silencer-cum-exhaust filter that not only reduces noise pollution, but also trims down the levels of carbon emission.
• Sikha Patra, a teenage girl from Kolkata has been spreading awareness about Polio vaccination booths. She is promoting the use of vaccination and working towards improving the health and sanitation in such areas.
• An NGO for providing shelter, education and employment to street children and women has been founded by Rashi Anand, an 18-year-old Delhi girl.

Youthful Potentials for a Futuristic Nation
Education is a very important aspect to be covered in improving the society. Nowadays, youngsters are taking up particular areas and educating the illiterate population along with spreading awareness about social issues like child marriage, dowry, child labour, female foeticide or health issues due to improper sanitation and hygiene.
The young brigade of the cities of India have joined hands with several NGOs and dedicated their leisure time to old age homes or orphanages, primary health care related medical camps, food distribution and so on. The Ponty Chadha Foundation proactively participates in all such social welfare activities quite actively. According to a volunteer of the Foundation, ‘Young people are active and can bring a change in the society by lending their support to such social causes. The power of the youth, if utilized properly, has the ability to move mountains that are hindering social development.’
If our youth comes together, they can lend an active support to the popular movements like Swachch Bharat Andolan and Digital India and take our country to great heights.

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