PCF Monthly Health Check-Up Camp Goes to WAVE City

PCF Monthly Health Check-Up Camp Goes to WAVE City


The preservation of health is easier than the cure of the disease. – B. J. Palmer

We have come a long way since we started working towards creating a better tomorrow and we’re still treading ahead. With our vision of a healthy India, we began encouraging people to get their bodies examined for different ailments by offering free check-up at diagnostic health camps.
Known as the Health Ranger, Mike Adams states that over 95 percent of all chronic illnesses are caused out of food choices, nutritional deficiencies, toxic food ingredients and less physical exercise. Hence, there is a need to make people understand about the importance of exercising and adopting a balanced diet to solve their existing health issues. With this in mind, Ponty Chadha Foundation (PCF) organises monthly health check-up camps in areas where such facilities are unavailable. This time around, for instance, the team went to Sector 2 of WAVE City, Ghaziabad.

Living conditions in WAVE City

This area is home to around 200-250 people who adopted farming as their main occupation and decided to settle down here. People living here suffer mostly from skin related issues. When doctors from the collaborating Dr. Ram Saran Garg Indo-German Hospital arrived to tend to the patients, they witnessed quite a healthy turnout.

Active participation from patients

There were two doctors present at the venue who attended to the medical needs of 130 visiting patients. However, an important thing to notice is that out of the total number of visitors, 60 were adults. Women and children too showed up in good numbers to get themselves checked. In all, the camp was attended by about 40 women and 30 children.

Maintain good health by spreading awareness

When the check-ups were conducted, it was found that there were many patients suffering from anaemia and gynaecological disorders. Our expert medical practitioners went out of their way to create awareness about the significance of maintaining good health. In this regard, they shed light on the hygiene practices that people need to follow in their daily lives.
People were advised to wash their hands properly before eating, take baths regularly to get rid of germs and dirt, wear clean clothes and use soap more often. Apart from these personal tips, they were told about the benefits of keeping their homes and surroundings clean so they could breathe in a pollution-free and healthy environment.

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